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 Interview with Carmindy from TLC's What Not to Wear

Interview with Carmindy from TLC's What Not to Wear

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"Five Stars for Fido" (B2B)

In my grandparents den in Florida hangs a large picture of the beloved family dog, Bernie. The yellow Labrador mix has always been the favorite “child” in our family, and the faded photo tucked neatly between two panes of glass proves it to even the most casual visitor. None of the grandchildren warrant prime real estate in this room - we’re relegated to 3x5’s tucked behind aging bottles of Kahlua in the china cabinet. It’s Bernie who gets the wide-angle lens, his soft eyes peeking out from the beret so dashingly plopped on top of his head. They talk to that photo every day, and tell anyone who will listen about the local commuters who used to get a kick out of seeing Bernie sit in the window, wearing his hat, waiting to greet my grandfather upon his return home from work.

Bernie passed away in 1980, before they retired. That photo made the move from the house in Brooklyn to the condo in Florida where it stays, untouched. Dusted regularly. Admired often.
— Contributing writer, Vanessa Torres, Saved!