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I recently returned from Menlo Park, CA, where I attended IDW for the first time. I don't always love conferences, but the format and size (and let's face it, location) of this one made it a real treat. For three days we discussed Why Content Matters, how to manage it and then, ultimately grow, globalize and distribute it via an effective strategy. I'll share with you here just a few of the high-level take-aways I thought were important for any brand or business:

Quadrus Conference Center
  • Don't try to "delight" your customers, just meet their needs.

  • Customers love access, attention and acknowledgement.

  • When communicating your message, are you asking too little of your audience? Ads that make you think are automatically more engaging.

  • Good stories are honest, contain some learning or a-ha moment, and transform lives and communities.

  • Content is necessary to fuel the customer journey. Don't ignore them past the point of purchase.

  • The story we attach to a product often triggers the buying decision

  • Don't be like Pepsi - make sure your messaging is hitting the right note with your intended audience. When in doubt, put all content through a review board (like me!)

Best practices apply across the board, so don't think that if you're just launching your brand or company, that you can just wing it. Everything you publish is a reflection of who you are and what you represent - and that affects the consumer's perception of you. Don't mislead them. Miscommunication leads to missed opportunities.

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